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Romana's Pilates certifying center for North Carolina

who we are

We are dedicated to teaching Pilates as it was originally developed by Joseph Pilates.

Encouraging the mind and body to work together puts us on the path to achieving overall wellness

“I love Pilates as it makes me use every part of my body and build core strength. I've grown 3/4' of an inch taller by improving my posture & I've seen significant improvement in my knee's mobility thanks to Pilates Body Shaping!"

“While Pilates has made me stronger, it has also helped me understand how the habits of a lifetime (how I sit and stand) affect what my body can do! Worth the investment!"

“Pilates is the best exercise and fitness program I have ever expereinced and has been directly responsible for significant gains in flexibility which have improved my golf game."

leading staff

All of our instructors are trained through an extensive certification program that takes a minimum of a year and a half to complete. We are the ONLY certification center in North Carolina for Romana's Pilates and hold true to the proven method of Joseph Pilates.

State of the art equipment

Our studio provides the equipment and one-on-one instruction needed to challenge yourself your mind and body. Our spacious, quiet studio houses only the finest equipment with highly trained teachers who have all gone through extensive training and certification.

Class Options

Pilates Body Shaping offers group mat/tower classes as well as one-on-one instruction on the entire Pilates system. This allows your workout to be geared toward what your body needs, address muscular imbalances, and modify for any injuries and/or physical challenges.

"My investment in Pilates has made me stronger and overall more flexible. It has helped me understand how the habits of a lifetime (how I sit and stand) affect what my body can do!

― Melanie Coyne

10% discount for students, seniors and performing artists

Package Rates also avialable!


$ 22 

Mat/tower classes

$ 70

Private Lesson

$ 40 

Half Private Lesson (25min)

Teacher Training Program

Under the direction of Level 3 Instructor Trainer Laney Abernethy, you can receive your certification for Romana's Pilates. A working knowledge and experience with Pilates is necessary. 

Although there are no set number of hours required, most successful candidates have had a minimum of 50-100 private lessons prior to their assessment. 

Contact Laney Abernethy below for more details.

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Through a shared  philosophy and knowledge of modifications to keep you safe regardless of injury or body type.

Our team

Laney Abernethy

Studio Owner / Director
Laney was certified by Romana Kryznowska in 2001. Soon after, she opened Pilates Body Shaping and was asked to become a Level 3 Teacher Trainer. Laney has worked with a variety of clients ranging from those suffering from chronic pain, to Olympic swimmers, professional dancers and athletes, members of Cirque Du Soleil, and the cast of The Lion King. Pilates Body Shaping is the only Certification Center for Romana's Pilates in NC, and a proud sponsor of Charlotte Ballet.

Cara Waller

Cara starting taking Pilates in NY, where, as a personal trainer and distance runner, immediately gravitated towards its focus on the individual’s needs. She started training for her Romana’s Pilates certification in 2012 at PBS, where she had been practicing since 2003. Since completing her certification in 2013, Cara has enjoyed teaching Pilates, seeing clients progress, become healthier, more flexible, and stronger. Cara genuinely believes that Pilates can transform and help so many peopleinjured, athletic, stiff, and weaker.

Cat Corchado

Cat has taught at Pilates Body Shaping since 2008. She has a vast background in fitness for the last 30 years. Cat served 20 years with the US Air Force and works as a residential broker with Keller Williams. Her desire to help fellow Veterans has resulted in the formation of Welcome Veteran - helping veterans transition from military to civilian life and was chosen to lead the first female veterans group in Charlotte- Women Veterans Network (WOVEN)

Cassandra kralik

Cassandra has been working in the fitness industry for over twenty years, with a primary focus on Pilates training. Before moving to Charlotte in 2014, she was a fitness director and studio owner. She entered the Romana's Pilates teacher training program in 2016 and completed her certification in 2017. Cassandra will inspire you to reach your fitness goals through her love of classical Pilates. She truly believes a dedicated Pilates practice will challenge and change both your body and mind!

Josh Hall

Josh has been training at Pilates Body Shaping since 2012. Being a ballet dancer with the Charlotte Ballet he fell in love with the physical and mental dedication Pilates demands. He entered the apprentice program in May 2017 and looks forward to continuing his Pilates journey.

Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer started practicing Pilates 16 years ago. After a career as a meeting/event planner, she decided she wanted to do something that truly helped others and decided to go through the Romana's Pilates certification program. She enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates with her clients and anyone open to learning more about it. Jennifer lives in NoDa with her husband, two rescue pups and their cat. In her spare time she advocates and volunteers for pitties in need.

Kirsten swanson

Kirsten completed her certification with Romana’s Pilates in 2015. She started taking Pilates in NY while at music conservatory because she figured a strong core wouldn’t hurt. Years later, Kirsten owes an injury and pain-free career as a violist to Pilates. She is the Viola Professor at UNCC and performs regularly with the North Carolina and Charlotte Symphonies. She loves being a positive part of her client’s day by helping them gain strength, flexibility, and confidence through their Pilates practice.

claire schapira

Claire began the Romana’s Pilates Certification program with Marjorie Oron (Level X) in her hometown of Den Haag, The Netherlands, and received her certification in June 2017. Claire was a competitive swimmer in high school, specializing in the 50M and 100M freestyle. She loves teaching clients of all ages and abilities and helping them achieve a stronger, more balanced body. Claire hopes to share her enthusiasm for the life-changing power of Pilates with the clients at Pilates Body Shaping.

Whitney Kedzie

Whitney was certified as an EMT in 1993 and followed that by becoming a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist in 1999. She began practicing Pilates at Pilates Body Shaping in 2012 and entered the Romana’s Pilates instructor training program in May 2017 Whitney loves the practice of Romana’s Pilates and enjoys both the physical and mental strengthening it gives her. Becoming a certified Pilates instructor has long been a goal of hers and she is thoroughly enjoying the journey she is on while training to become an instructor.

Bernadette Donovan-Merkert

Bernadette became a Pilates Body Shaping client in 2002, and a Romana’s Pilates instructor in 2010. A professor of chemistry at UNC Charlotte since 1992, she is also a board member for Community School of the Arts, and is active in the chemical profession. Bernadette appreciates knowing that Pilates helps her to maintain physical health and rejuvenate her mind, and how her work as an instructor enhances the quality of life for others.

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